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If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable security company for your business or to help keep your neighborhood protected that has a passion for keeping the peace, and protecting your community - then don't hesitate to give us a call & sign up for our Private Security Services! 

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We'll help clarify any concerns that you have about our Company - and how we can help keep you safe & protected through our Armed Security Guards & Patrols! These guards are trained by Ex-Military Members in our Leadership Team & are trained about De-Escalation and Firearms Safety on a routine basis. Our approach is all about being thought-out, methodical, and ensuring that we're using the best techniques - to help deter crime through a strong security presence. Visibility is a Tool that can be used to help deter crime and incidents of Crime. Our regular patrols at peak hours will ensure that our Patrol Cars are monitoring your neighborhood & preventing crimes from starting in the first place!

Iron Delta Security, Inc. works hard to provide peace of mind to all of our customers and their Private Security Needs and we take every emergency situation and threat with the utmost urgency and professionalism, should the occasion arise. We meticulously evaluate every aspect of our client's requests and needs in order to optimize our service!

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Our Promise to You!

Visibility is a surprisingly strong crime deterrent and a tool that we utilize to make our Security Services as effective as possible. Through having an approach that has been meticulously planned out & strategized -- we can help assure your family and property is safe and reduce the risk of theft or vandalism at your residence -- or place of business. Our Security Officers are equipped with state of the art, and professional gear that reflects their professionalism and strength through their presence.  It's amazing just by having a Private Security Guard on patrol -- how much you'll see the crime rate reduced In your Area!

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Our World-Class Security Services

Patrol Guard 

Residential and Commercial 

Our distinct​​ patrol vehicles
let the criminals know that you are protected​​​​​. We do a daily patrol 2-3 times per day at peak times during the day in order to keep your safe & feel protected!

Armed Guards

Protect your business, property, and your employees

To assure the safety of your property and loved ones, our security officers are equipped with the latest security gear & are armed. However, they are trained to de-escalate first and use force only if necessary.

De-escalation Training

Our Goal

Through performing continued and ongoing training in conflict resolution to prevent situations from escalating, we ensure that our security guards make the right choice while they are out in the field! 

Tactical Training

       Every 6-8 weeks

Refreshing on training that we've done in the past helps ensure that we can reinforce and cement the ideas into our Security Guards & their approach. We want to provide continued reinforcement wherever possible.

Reinforcement of Training

Every 6-8 weeks

We utilize monthly training regiments or at-least bi-monthly training to help keep our security guards knowledgeable, prepared, and trained in how to de-escalate when needed & how to use arms safely.

Vacation Watch

Available to New & Dedicated Clients

Get a trained Security Gaurd on your Property while you are away on Vacation! We can even help you take out the trash and keep your exterior tidy while ensuring that nobody breaks in or attempts anything.

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